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It's a distress Signal. Please Hear it. Please help it Echo. 

As all those television lights start to leave, all the familiar loneliness starts to return. Cuba, after a rare rebellious outburst by its poor people, used its communist broom to sweep all that scared desperation back inside those tattered homes, where it is harder for a distracted world to see and harder for an oppressed island to be free. God knows what happened or will continue happening to those protesters who dared to defy, some of whom have vanished. The fear, from over here, can make you feel as helpless and hopeless as trying to scream across the sea. #SOS Cuba. It's a distress signal. A panicked request for rescue. Please hear it. Please help it echo. Please don't let it die. Because hope dies with it and people do, too. 

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Here's How you can help

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