Fake radio banner 2.jpg


by Fake Blink 182


by Fake Bush

"F**k You"

by Fake Cee Lo

"Pouncey Block"

by Fake ACDC

"We didn't stop

Tim Tebow"

by Fake Billy Joel

 “I just want

Andrew Luck”

by Fake Black Eyed  Peas

“Try not to win”

by Fake Christopher Cross

"Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"

by Fake Crash Test Dolphins

“We stink on 3rd   down”

by Fake Dead or Alive

"We better suck

for Luck"

by Fake Drake


by Fake Elton John

"Eleanor Rigby"

by Fake Beatles

“My Name Is”

by Fake Eminem

"I Get Around"

by Fake Beach Boys  


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